The Ometepe Island- Nicaragua

Looking for a job is a horrible process, that I guess mostly all of you dear readers, know pretty well. I had been lucky with it until one day. Day of arriving to Brussels. Nothing, not even a coffee place, so here I am dreaming about beautiful places and writing for you.
To cheer myself up, we are going today to visit a great place.

Today about place where I saw the most beautiful sunrise in my life. (Ok there were not that many which I actually saw, but anyway it was gorgeous)



The Ometepe Island is located in Nicaragua. It is a beautiful island inhabit by about 10 thousands people living in. It is the biggest island on the Nicaragua lake. The island is most famous for it’s two volcanos : Concepcion and Maderas. Both of them are active. During my staying there, all the time I was thinking where should I go to escape from eruption . How fast will be the evacuation process etc. But with time you are getting use to those beautiful volcanos and I was mostly enjoying it’s view.


It is totally worth to see Ojos de aqua- natural pools that are surrounded by nature. The water is a little cold, but once is hot it is nice to refresh yourself in that crystal water. And the best is that everything is located between banana plantation.



So the only reason To Not Go There is that you don’t like cool water and you are freaking out thinking about active volcanos.


Sloths- the sweetest animals?

Which in your opinion is the sweetest animal ever? Let me guess…dog, cat, monkey, baby tiger? Today I am going to write something about very strange, but lovely animals- sloths.

Those small creatures, that unfortunately are endangered, spend most of their life hanging upside down from the trees. Thanks to their long paths and hooked claws, they can easily move from one branch to the other. Of course it is true that they are really slow, but once you will observe them, there is no way you won’t fell in love with them.


You can meet them in Central and South America. What is really interesting is the fact that sloths make a good habitat for other organisms, and a single sloth may be home to moths, beetles, cockroaches, ciliates, fungi, and algae.

Sloths are not really able to defend themselves. Their only natural defenses are their claws. But on their luck, they don’t have many animal predators and mostly, they can be in a trouble only down, on the ground. Unfortunately there is one more problem. Despite of the jaguars and harpy eagle, their other predator is … human. The majority of recorded sloth deaths in Costa Rica are due to contact with electrical lines and poachers.


So, you may ask why do they go to the ground if it is so dangerous? The answer is really simple. Every 7-8 days they need to… urinate and defecate. They go to the same spot each time and are vulnerable to predation while doing so. The reason for this risky behavior is unknown.

As I said before, sloths are endangered species. Fortunately, there are some places where they take care of theme. There is one in Costa Rica where workers protect and rehabilitate those lovely animals. Here you can find out more about their hard work.


So, if you don’t want to fell in love with really sweet animals, DO NOT GO TO Central and South America.