Yazd- Iran, city that you will love forever.

Do you know some places, where you are sure you want to go back? Places which are so calm that you really are resting during visit ? One of them is for sure Yazd. Place, where is really difficult to find a tourist and people that are dying to do “selfie” with anything that moves and doesn’t move.




Yazd is a city located in central Iran. It is one of the driest cities in Iran. It is surrounded by desert and its old town is mainly made of clay-sand bricks. As well it is one of the oldest cities in the world! It is dating back to the Sassanian Period (224-651 AD). What is the best about that city are the narrow, long streets where you can easily lose yourself. But this is a real charm of Yazd. Ohh and of course incredibly nice people! During all my travels I didn’t find more hospitable people in whole world!




So Do Not Go There If You don’t like heat and old, really old buildings and culture.



Angkor Wat.

Maybe some of you already heard, or saw that amazing place. It is located about 5,5km away from Siem Reap which is in Cambodia. So the place I am talking about is an important group of ancient structures. It is the southernmost of Angkor’s main sites.


Angkor Wat is the biggest and the most famous temple in whole Angkor complex. It was built for about 32-35 years. Angkor Wat was first a Hindu, then subsequently a Buddhist temple. What is interesting is the fact that it is the largest religious monument in the world. The temple was built by the Khmer King Suryavarman II in the early 12th century.



It is a good idea to take bottle of water there and something that will cover your head. It can be really hot there! It is also worth to calculate your time, and be there during sunset or sunrise. You should be prepare for a long walk! The area is really big!

So do you like ancient history, walking and admiring places? If your answer is no, Do Not Go There!!!


Monkey Island

Do you know the video game called “Monkey Island”? -It was a famous pirate-graphic adventure from the 80´s- and do you know that actually there is a real island with the same name? It is located in Vietnam, near the sandy city of Nha Trang (which is something like the vietnamise Miami).

There, as you could imagine from its name, the main inhabitants are monkeys! All the island is full of them, you can see them alone, in groups, playing, taking care of each other, etc., and they are not afraid of humans, so it is ver likely that they will come next to you and ask you for food or even try to take your wallet! so better keep an eye on them!


The island itself is quite espectacular, and small enough to walk all around during a morning trip, one side you will find a very nice beach and in the other a very photogenic rocky area.

You can reach the island by taxi or motorbike (after a hard negotiation with a local motorbike driver), but also there is a bus for the few workers of the island that you might be able to reach if you are lucky!

So if you don´t want to me surrounded by funny-jumping monkeys and explore a magical island DO NOT GO THERE!

By the way, I am Nacho and from now on I will be writing also in the blog!


What is the strangest thing that you eat in your life?

I think for me will be grasshopper and larva of one bug (I’ve no idea which one). First one is really crunchy and taste like crisps second one ehh something between over cooked chicken and something really spongy.


But what about other strange meal?  Let’s have a look. 🙂


Goats heads and bull’s kernel? Any problem just go to Marroco.


Blood soup served in Poland for men during proposal, just to say NO!?!(Yes I tried it and it is delicious!!!!)

picture from page http://s9.postimg.org/6saa12p67/czernina.jpg


Fried spiders from Cambodia? (No, that one I didn’t try)

picture from page http://www.trekearth.com/gallery/Asia/Cambodia/West/Phnum_Penh/Phnom_Penh/photo759003.htm

So do not go to those countries if you are afraid of trying weird meals. Enjoy your lunch!