Winchester Mystery House

Are you thinking about visiting California?

If so, you should definitely visit Winchester house that is hunted by ghosts. That located in San Jose, never finished mansion, has incredible story.

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After deaths of daughter and husband, Mrs. Winchester inherited a lot of money. But as they said, money can’t buy you happiness she wasn’t happy at all. What is more she had gone crazy thinking that all the time somebody in watching and following her.

She asked for a help a local psychic, and thanks to him, she got in contact with her dead husband, which said that death and her feelings, are a punishment from angry ghosts for all murders that he committed in his entire life. He told her as well to move to the West and built a house where she could live together with ghosts, and which shouldn’t be never finish. That will guarantee her staying alive for longer.

So in 1884 she left and started to build that mansion with 160 rooms! For 38 years nonstop 24/7 people were building her house, until death took Mrs. Winchester.




You can get more information about that creepy place on their web page

So are you going to California? Then definitely Do Not Go There If you are afraid of ghosts and labyrinths!!!


Mechelen, charming place.

I have lived in Brussels for 4 months, so that will explain why there are so many posts about Belgium. It is just such a nice country. So, today one more time about it. This time I would like to present you a small city called Mechelen.

It is located about 35 km away from Brussels. By train you will get there in about 30min. So when you leave the railway station it may looks ugly, because the main street is grey with ugly buildings, but once you reach the city center you will see how nice it is.

As well you should walk among the river Dijle that goes through the city.  The buildings there are really charming. In Mechelen you will find many old but restored houses. The main market is full of restaurants where you can try some traditional Belgian food.

My advice is to walk all around the city, and discover narrow streets where you can forget about all your problems.

So Do Not Go There If You don’t like old architecture and romantic scenery.

Frankfurt am Main

Today few words about the 5th biggest city in Germany and one of the most important financial metropolis in the world. It is home to the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt Stock Exchange and several large commercial banks.

Frankfurt am Main! Ok, that will be enough about its statistics and now few words from my own experience. Frankfurt is a nice city, but unfortunately only in certain places. One of the main streets is full of drug-addict people, and people that just don’t seem to be really friendly. On the other hand we had a really nice cultural experience visiting for example (MUST SEE) the cinema museum. It is worth to see even for those that aren’t cinema freaks. 

What disappointed me was the Main Square. It is really small and not as nice as in other German cities. What is worth to see is the spectacular view from top of the Cathedral tower.

To sum up, I guess you got used that all my posts are about beautiful places, but this time is different. Frankfurt is really strange and full of contradictions. You could imagine that in the city where are located main world banks should be a lot of money and that the city itself should be some kind of icon. Unfortunately, (In my opinion) it is not. Maybe it’s too big or maybe I didn’t spend there enough time… (3 days). Simply I didn’t fell in love with it. But who knows… Maybe you will. So what is your opinion about it? Please leave your comment!

This time I can honestly say Do Not Go There If You don’t like dirty streets, and feeling unsecure.


Angkor Wat.

Maybe some of you already heard, or saw that amazing place. It is located about 5,5km away from Siem Reap which is in Cambodia. So the place I am talking about is an important group of ancient structures. It is the southernmost of Angkor’s main sites.


Angkor Wat is the biggest and the most famous temple in whole Angkor complex. It was built for about 32-35 years. Angkor Wat was first a Hindu, then subsequently a Buddhist temple. What is interesting is the fact that it is the largest religious monument in the world. The temple was built by the Khmer King Suryavarman II in the early 12th century.



It is a good idea to take bottle of water there and something that will cover your head. It can be really hot there! It is also worth to calculate your time, and be there during sunset or sunrise. You should be prepare for a long walk! The area is really big!

So do you like ancient history, walking and admiring places? If your answer is no, Do Not Go There!!!


Brussels icon.

If you follow our blog you should be already familiar with that shape.

Yes, it is one of the characteristic buildings in Brussels- Atomium. It was originally constructed for Expo ´58, the 1958 Brussels World´s Fair. Designed by the engineer Andre Waterkeyn and architects André and Jean Polak, it stands 102 m tall.

It consists of nine balls – atoms interconnected tubes, which are connected within escalators (the longest is 35 meters). Each of the “carbon” has a diameter of 18 m. Inside that great building, you can find permanent and temporary exhibitions. What is really worth to see is the spectacular panorama from the highest ¨carbon¨. From the top you can see how nice Brussels is.

More information about that interesting place you can find on Atomium´s home page that is

So DO NOT GO THERE IF YOU don´t want to see an amazing view of Brussels and learn more about Expo ´58.

We would like to thank you one more time for invitations and great time that we spent there.