Schildehof Park, Belgium

Have you ever seen movie called The Secret Garden? If so, for sure you wanted to find such a place by your own, if no, just watch it and you will see.

Last weekend I visited The Park Schildehof in the north of Belgium. It looks like a huge forest once you walk in. There used to be a beautiful castle but now it is gone. It is difficult to describe that amazing place. Despite of winter it was still very green and full of magic. On some of the pictures you can see how great that place is, unfortunately photos don’t give the real feeling of fear and magic, but maybe it should be like that. Then you can go and visit that place by your own.






I couldn’t get much information about history of the castle and people living there. Here you have some old photos, just to imagine how it looked like.



So Do Not Go There If You don’t believe in magic and you don’t want to discover a magic places.




The Ometepe Island- Nicaragua

Looking for a job is a horrible process, that I guess mostly all of you dear readers, know pretty well. I had been lucky with it until one day. Day of arriving to Brussels. Nothing, not even a coffee place, so here I am dreaming about beautiful places and writing for you.
To cheer myself up, we are going today to visit a great place.

Today about place where I saw the most beautiful sunrise in my life. (Ok there were not that many which I actually saw, but anyway it was gorgeous)



The Ometepe Island is located in Nicaragua. It is a beautiful island inhabit by about 10 thousands people living in. It is the biggest island on the Nicaragua lake. The island is most famous for it’s two volcanos : Concepcion and Maderas. Both of them are active. During my staying there, all the time I was thinking where should I go to escape from eruption . How fast will be the evacuation process etc. But with time you are getting use to those beautiful volcanos and I was mostly enjoying it’s view.


It is totally worth to see Ojos de aqua- natural pools that are surrounded by nature. The water is a little cold, but once is hot it is nice to refresh yourself in that crystal water. And the best is that everything is located between banana plantation.



So the only reason To Not Go There is that you don’t like cool water and you are freaking out thinking about active volcanos.

The rainiest place in the world

Some time ago I wrote, that being in Belgium requires having an umbrella. Today it’s more than true. Since early morning didn’t stop to rain! So I started to wonder (and hoping that is not Brussels), WHAT IS THE MOST RAINY PLACE ON THE EARTH?

Uff it is not Brussels 😉 So there are people in worst situation than me. (Thinking about rain)

So, the slopes of the Waialeale mountain on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i are considered for the wettest place on the planet. It is raining there for about 350 days in a year! It means that during 2 weeks in year you can enjoy not rainy weather!


mountain 2
There is other place on the Earts that is consider as well, for the rainiest place in the world. Mawsynram in India. So who is rigth? In terms of the average annual precipitation the winner should be Mawsynram as they fall there about 232 mm of rain more than in Hawaii. In addition, it is permanently inhabited place in contrast to the Hawaiian summit.
The rains in Mawsynram occur only during the reign of the wet monsoon season, so for half a year, while the second half of the year is dry and sunny. Then again in Hawaii the annual rainfall is similar, and what is more almost every day is wet.


Umbrella that allows you to be always dry 🙂

Then there is just one more thing to add… Do Not Go There If You really don’t like rain!

Cold? There are worst places than yours… Ojmiakon

Nobody likes cold. Especially when is cold at your place and you are dreaming about some hot island on Indian Ocean. That is why I wanted to show you today the coldest habitat place in the world and you will see that where you are is not that bad. 😀

Officially Russian Ojmiakon is that place. The lowest temperature was -71,2 C. During January the average temperature is about -50 C.
Ojmiakon 1

Because of the cold, there are no mobile phones, and the average problem of people is frozen ink in the pen or glasses that are frozen to their faces. For sure some children are happy while they don’t have to go to school. But it is happening only when temperature is above -52 C!!!!!!


In Ojmiakon live about 500 people. Most residents work as reindeer herders, hunters and fishermen. Their diet consists mainly of reindeer and horse meat, because in these weather conditions it is not possible cultivation of plants.
Ojmiakon 3

So are you still cold? Then Do Not Go There If You hates winter, snow and coooooooold.

All pictures above are taken from Internet.

El saler, amazing beach

It has been long time since last post, but as many of you we took as well the holidays.

I can’t imagine better topic for today than beach. I was wondering if I should share that beach with more people, because it is really beautiful and calm and I and I would like to stay that way forever, but anyway I decided to share that place with my dear readers.

I already wrote here about Valencia and its great Las Fallas party but this time about beach. Not far away from city center is located a beach called El Saler. As I said, it is really calm and natural. It is placed in National Natural Park of Albufera. Its crystal water invites you to swim and do some snorkeling. That beach is protected so you can really feel like in the middle of nowhere, especially during winter time. The beach itself is long-almost 5km and quite wide- 35 meters.

El saler

El Saler beach

So if you are planning to go to Spain, you should definitely visit that place, but Do Not Go There If You are afraid or ashamed of nudists. Some part of beach is a nudist beach. As well Do Not Go There If You are afraid of jellyfishes. The crystal water is inviting not only people, especially during summer time you can find some in the see.

El saler view

All of the pictures are downloaded from Internet.

Superb Bird of Paradise- incredibly beautiful bird


Today few words about Superb Bird of Paradise. As you see not only its name is interesting. Just looking at the picture you can see that it is an amazing animal that looks like… hmm, like what? Any ideas?

You can meet that amazing bird in New Guinea’s rainforests. During the courtship display the male raises its long feathers behind the back of the head, shaping them into a sinister looking velvety black cape. The species has an unusually low population of females that is why the competition amongst males for mates is so high.



If you find it interesting, you can check on that video how that incredible transformation is happening.

So Do Not Go to New Guinea if you are afraid of scary looking birds!

All of the pictures are taken from Internet.

Meteora, Greek’s treasure.

Summer is a perfect moment for holidays somewhere close to the see. When it is too hot you can always refresh your body in warm water. Greece is one of those places that will provide you a perfect resting time. But what to do once you will get bored of swimming and drinking cocktails?

Have you ever heard about Meteora? That place, close to Kalambaka town, is one of the largest and most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece. There are six monasteries which are built on natural sandstone rock pillars, at the northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessaly near the Pineios river and Pindus Mountains, in central Greece. Meteora in Greek language means “monasteries suspended in the air”.


Through hundreds of years that place was unreachable for people. In order to get to the top you had to enter in the network being drawn huge winch by remaining at the top of the monks. Nowadays it is much easier, because you can get there by stairs, carved into the twentieth century.

meteory 3

meteory 4

You should remember that in order to go to the churches, you must cover your knees and shoulders. If you forget about it, appropriateattirecan be obtainedat the entrance.

So Do Not Go There If You feel dizzy just thinking about high or simply, you hate to climb the stairs.


All the pictures are taken from Internet.

Help Arturo- the polar bear.

The polar bear is a carnivorous bear whose native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle, encompassing the Arctic Ocean Although most polar bears are born on land, they spend most of their time at sea.

Ok that is enough about that beautiful animal. We all know how it should looks like. Now about the sadness polar bear in the world. He(Arturo), lives in Argentinian ZOO in Mendoza. Temperature there rich many times PLUS 40 Celsius degree! He doesn’t have even proper pool to swim in!!!

arturo1 arturo2 arturo3This is Arturo.

Why do I write about him? Because you can help him! Just sign up a petition and help him to have better life! HERE is link for petition!

So PLEASE help and share it with your friends!

The National Park of Lencois Maranhenses Brazil

Today I would like to present you a desert that is not a desert! At first it looks like Sahara, but it rains here 300 times more than there. So that amazing place is in Brazil. For all those who went to see games during Mundial 2014, it can be a great alternative to escape from overcrowded cities. So check that place because truly is worth to see!

laguna 3

It is located in the northeastern part of Brazil in Maranhão state. Place in itself it is called the National Park of Lencois Maranhenses. It is best to go there during rainy season (July till end of September), because then you can admire many lagoons. Some of them have even fishes!

The most famous lagoons are called Lagoa Azul(Blue Lagoon) and Lagoa Bonita(Beauty Lagoon). You can ask why are so famous? Just because of its charm and excellent swimming conditions. So be sure you took your swimsuit!!!

laguna 4

laguna 2


laguna 5

Are you scared of water? Do you prefer rocky beaches? Then, definitely Do Not Go There !

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Snake Island

Do you know that in Indonesia in Bima Regency is one island inhabitant only by snakes? They are different from those that live on the ground. The snakes are really stunning black and white with a bright sparkle.

The fishermen, who want to catch the fish around that island, have to be really careful. It is said that if snake will be taken from its natural habitat, it will bring a disaster for the villages.

So Do Not Go There If You are afraid of reptiles, but if you are brave enough, definitely get a ticket to Indonesia.

Snake Island 1

snake island 2

Snake Island 3All of those pictures are taken from Internet.