Schildehof Park, Belgium

Have you ever seen movie called The Secret Garden? If so, for sure you wanted to find such a place by your own, if no, just watch it and you will see.

Last weekend I visited The Park Schildehof in the north of Belgium. It looks like a huge forest once you walk in. There used to be a beautiful castle but now it is gone. It is difficult to describe that amazing place. Despite of winter it was still very green and full of magic. On some of the pictures you can see how great that place is, unfortunately photos don’t give the real feeling of fear and magic, but maybe it should be like that. Then you can go and visit that place by your own.






I couldn’t get much information about history of the castle and people living there. Here you have some old photos, just to imagine how it looked like.



So Do Not Go There If You don’t believe in magic and you don’t want to discover a magic places.




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