How how how… Christmas is near…

Christmas is so close. So today a little about places, where you can REALLY feel Christmas spirit.
Do you remember Griswold family? If so, for sure you remember their Christmas lights on their house. So here we are, today about places with that great decoration!!!


First place is Louisvillle in Kentucky. It is a cavern that has 17 miles of Christmas Lights underground. Christmas music echoes through the caverns as you drive through. Unfortunately you are not able to stop, so I guess that is why there are so few good photos. The rout is $25.00 per car.




For those who cannot see it (like me) there is nice video to give you an idea.

The next place which I want to present you is definitely The lights at Clifton Mill. It is located to the east of Dayton near Yellow Springs, the amazing display takes 6 men about 3 months to assemble and is one of the biggest with over 3.5 million lights. There is a 100 foot waterfall of lights, a Miniature Village and Santa Claus Museum. If you arrive in the evening, the lights go out every hour on the hour and then with the flip of a switch, all 3.5 million lights come back on at once for a spectacular show! The visit is 10 dollars per person.


After that I choose some pictures that are mind-blowing. I really wouldn’t like to pay a bill for electricity in those houses! I cannot give you a location of the places, because I too the pictures from web.


Lynch House.jpg





xmas 4



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