The Ometepe Island- Nicaragua

Looking for a job is a horrible process, that I guess mostly all of you dear readers, know pretty well. I had been lucky with it until one day. Day of arriving to Brussels. Nothing, not even a coffee place, so here I am dreaming about beautiful places and writing for you.
To cheer myself up, we are going today to visit a great place.

Today about place where I saw the most beautiful sunrise in my life. (Ok there were not that many which I actually saw, but anyway it was gorgeous)



The Ometepe Island is located in Nicaragua. It is a beautiful island inhabit by about 10 thousands people living in. It is the biggest island on the Nicaragua lake. The island is most famous for it’s two volcanos : Concepcion and Maderas. Both of them are active. During my staying there, all the time I was thinking where should I go to escape from eruption . How fast will be the evacuation process etc. But with time you are getting use to those beautiful volcanos and I was mostly enjoying it’s view.


It is totally worth to see Ojos de aqua- natural pools that are surrounded by nature. The water is a little cold, but once is hot it is nice to refresh yourself in that crystal water. And the best is that everything is located between banana plantation.



So the only reason To Not Go There is that you don’t like cool water and you are freaking out thinking about active volcanos.


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