The rainiest place in the world

Some time ago I wrote, that being in Belgium requires having an umbrella. Today it’s more than true. Since early morning didn’t stop to rain! So I started to wonder (and hoping that is not Brussels), WHAT IS THE MOST RAINY PLACE ON THE EARTH?

Uff it is not Brussels 😉 So there are people in worst situation than me. (Thinking about rain)

So, the slopes of the Waialeale mountain on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i are considered for the wettest place on the planet. It is raining there for about 350 days in a year! It means that during 2 weeks in year you can enjoy not rainy weather!


mountain 2
There is other place on the Earts that is consider as well, for the rainiest place in the world. Mawsynram in India. So who is rigth? In terms of the average annual precipitation the winner should be Mawsynram as they fall there about 232 mm of rain more than in Hawaii. In addition, it is permanently inhabited place in contrast to the Hawaiian summit.
The rains in Mawsynram occur only during the reign of the wet monsoon season, so for half a year, while the second half of the year is dry and sunny. Then again in Hawaii the annual rainfall is similar, and what is more almost every day is wet.


Umbrella that allows you to be always dry 🙂

Then there is just one more thing to add… Do Not Go There If You really don’t like rain!


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