Cold? There are worst places than yours… Ojmiakon

Nobody likes cold. Especially when is cold at your place and you are dreaming about some hot island on Indian Ocean. That is why I wanted to show you today the coldest habitat place in the world and you will see that where you are is not that bad. 😀

Officially Russian Ojmiakon is that place. The lowest temperature was -71,2 C. During January the average temperature is about -50 C.
Ojmiakon 1

Because of the cold, there are no mobile phones, and the average problem of people is frozen ink in the pen or glasses that are frozen to their faces. For sure some children are happy while they don’t have to go to school. But it is happening only when temperature is above -52 C!!!!!!


In Ojmiakon live about 500 people. Most residents work as reindeer herders, hunters and fishermen. Their diet consists mainly of reindeer and horse meat, because in these weather conditions it is not possible cultivation of plants.
Ojmiakon 3

So are you still cold? Then Do Not Go There If You hates winter, snow and coooooooold.

All pictures above are taken from Internet.


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