Winchester Mystery House

Are you thinking about visiting California?

If so, you should definitely visit Winchester house that is hunted by ghosts. That located in San Jose, never finished mansion, has incredible story.

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After deaths of daughter and husband, Mrs. Winchester inherited a lot of money. But as they said, money can’t buy you happiness she wasn’t happy at all. What is more she had gone crazy thinking that all the time somebody in watching and following her.

She asked for a help a local psychic, and thanks to him, she got in contact with her dead husband, which said that death and her feelings, are a punishment from angry ghosts for all murders that he committed in his entire life. He told her as well to move to the West and built a house where she could live together with ghosts, and which shouldn’t be never finish. That will guarantee her staying alive for longer.

So in 1884 she left and started to build that mansion with 160 rooms! For 38 years nonstop 24/7 people were building her house, until death took Mrs. Winchester.




You can get more information about that creepy place on their web page

So are you going to California? Then definitely Do Not Go There If you are afraid of ghosts and labyrinths!!!


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