El saler, amazing beach

It has been long time since last post, but as many of you we took as well the holidays.

I can’t imagine better topic for today than beach. I was wondering if I should share that beach with more people, because it is really beautiful and calm and I and I would like to stay that way forever, but anyway I decided to share that place with my dear readers.

I already wrote here about Valencia and its great Las Fallas party but this time about beach. Not far away from city center is located a beach called El Saler. As I said, it is really calm and natural. It is placed in National Natural Park of Albufera. Its crystal water invites you to swim and do some snorkeling. That beach is protected so you can really feel like in the middle of nowhere, especially during winter time. The beach itself is long-almost 5km and quite wide- 35 meters.

El saler

El Saler beach

So if you are planning to go to Spain, you should definitely visit that place, but Do Not Go There If You are afraid or ashamed of nudists. Some part of beach is a nudist beach. As well Do Not Go There If You are afraid of jellyfishes. The crystal water is inviting not only people, especially during summer time you can find some in the see.

El saler view

All of the pictures are downloaded from Internet.


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