Mechelen, charming place.

I have lived in Brussels for 4 months, so that will explain why there are so many posts about Belgium. It is just such a nice country. So, today one more time about it. This time I would like to present you a small city called Mechelen.

It is located about 35 km away from Brussels. By train you will get there in about 30min. So when you leave the railway station it may looks ugly, because the main street is grey with ugly buildings, but once you reach the city center you will see how nice it is.

As well you should walk among the river Dijle that goes through the city.  The buildings there are really charming. In Mechelen you will find many old but restored houses. The main market is full of restaurants where you can try some traditional Belgian food.

My advice is to walk all around the city, and discover narrow streets where you can forget about all your problems.

So Do Not Go There If You don’t like old architecture and romantic scenery.


2 thoughts on “Mechelen, charming place.

  1. In your blog about the city 35 km north of Brussels, you are talking about Machelen. It should be Mechelen. Machelen is a town, 5 km north of Brussels. An example of a confusing moment is that the trainservice to Mechelen passes by Machelen and you wonder if you should get out earlier.


    • Thank you Fred for your comment. It is true, I changed it already. 🙂 Those two they have super similar name. Especially when you are new in a country. 🙂


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