Museums in Brussels

Today I would like to mention about two great museums in Brussels. First is called Museum of Natural Sciences and second one is Musical Instruments Museum(MIM) . Unfortunately in both of them you will need to pay for the entrance, but what is great is the fact that every FIRST WEDNESDAY of the month since 1 PM they are for free. So if you are lucky enough, or you will plan well your visit, you can go into those places free of charge!!!!

Why they’re so nice? First one is full of animals including dinosaurs, and you can learn really many interesting things about them. Descriptions are in 4 languages (French, Flemish, German and English). The museum looks old from outside, but in reality is quite interactive.

Musical Instruments Museum is located in a gorgeous building that looks like taken from fairytale. Once you will get in, they will offer you a nice interactive tool, which allows you to listen to every instrument that is on the exhibition! It is really great idea, because you will not only see strange instruments, but you will be able to hear them, and that is something unique! During my visit there were as well some  live concerts that made my visit even more interesting!

On the top of the building (10th floor), is located a charming restaurant with a nice terrace from where you can adore spectacular view for all city! Really worth to see! The only bad thing about both of those museums is that they close at 5PM so you will have to rush, to see all exhibitions. I didn’t have time to see all of MIM.

Did you know that there are more free museums in Brussels? On that page you will see which one is always for free, and which one are on first Sundays or Wednesdays of the month. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. I will be glad to help. 😉

So Do Not Go There If You are not a big fan of music and animals. You can get easily bored then.


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