Frankfurt am Main

Today few words about the 5th biggest city in Germany and one of the most important financial metropolis in the world. It is home to the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt Stock Exchange and several large commercial banks.

Frankfurt am Main! Ok, that will be enough about its statistics and now few words from my own experience. Frankfurt is a nice city, but unfortunately only in certain places. One of the main streets is full of drug-addict people, and people that just don’t seem to be really friendly. On the other hand we had a really nice cultural experience visiting for example (MUST SEE) the cinema museum. It is worth to see even for those that aren’t cinema freaks. 

What disappointed me was the Main Square. It is really small and not as nice as in other German cities. What is worth to see is the spectacular view from top of the Cathedral tower.

To sum up, I guess you got used that all my posts are about beautiful places, but this time is different. Frankfurt is really strange and full of contradictions. You could imagine that in the city where are located main world banks should be a lot of money and that the city itself should be some kind of icon. Unfortunately, (In my opinion) it is not. Maybe it’s too big or maybe I didn’t spend there enough time… (3 days). Simply I didn’t fell in love with it. But who knows… Maybe you will. So what is your opinion about it? Please leave your comment!

This time I can honestly say Do Not Go There If You don’t like dirty streets, and feeling unsecure.



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