Portugal’s treasures.

When you first say Portugal, half of you will think…Cristiano Ronaldo, especially now with Mundial competition, but what I am going to write about has nothing in common with CR.

So your second thought can be Lisbon or Porto. Missed again… Of course those two places are worth to see and will stay in your heart for a long time, just simply because they are so charming.

So the place what I am going to write is called Sintra. Small village located about 25 km away from Lisbon. On the very top of the city you can see picturesque Castelo dos Mauros. The way to that place (around 45 minute walk) is really impressive, especially if like us, you will be lucky enough and get a foggy day. The forest looks like from fairytale, and ok, maybe you will not get the breathtaking view, but at least you can experience some unbelievable and magical moments that will stay with you forever. You can get there as well by car(around 10 minutes) or by bike(30 minutes).

Second must see is colorful Palacio de Pena. It is one of the most important Portugal’s symbols. It was built in 19th century in a place of Hieronim’s monastery. The original idea comes from Ferdynand von Sachsen Coburg, husband of Maria II- queen of Portugal. The castle was inhabited until 1910 until the royal family residing there escaped abroad. To get there again you can walk, or go by car, bike or bus.

So DO NOT GO THERE IF YOU only like to spend your time on the beach drinking your favorite cocktail. Sorry to tell you but you will need to do some hiking in Sintra.

Posted by Kasia.


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