Brussels icon.

If you follow our blog you should be already familiar with that shape.

Yes, it is one of the characteristic buildings in Brussels- Atomium. It was originally constructed for Expo ´58, the 1958 Brussels World´s Fair. Designed by the engineer Andre Waterkeyn and architects André and Jean Polak, it stands 102 m tall.

It consists of nine balls – atoms interconnected tubes, which are connected within escalators (the longest is 35 meters). Each of the “carbon” has a diameter of 18 m. Inside that great building, you can find permanent and temporary exhibitions. What is really worth to see is the spectacular panorama from the highest ¨carbon¨. From the top you can see how nice Brussels is.

More information about that interesting place you can find on Atomium´s home page that is

So DO NOT GO THERE IF YOU don´t want to see an amazing view of Brussels and learn more about Expo ´58.

We would like to thank you one more time for invitations and great time that we spent there.


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