La ruta del agua (The water route)

Do you like to hike in the nature? If the answer is yes, this post is definitely for you!

Today we are recommending a natural trail called “La ruta del agua” (The water route); you will find it next to Chelva, a town located around 70 km from Valencia (Spain). It is a route that combines culture, nature and gastronomy, so what else could you ask for?

Chelva 01

The way starts at the center of the village, in the “Plaza Mayor” (Main square), then runs through the four historic districts of the city and later will take you through the Chelva River and its spectacular natural environment.


There are signs that will guide you all the way (around 4,5 km), so it’s hard to miss it. Besides the natural beauty of the route, you will pass also through some points of interest, like a long tunnel dug in the mountain (without any light) or an old and abandoned light factory.



To finish the journey the best is to return to the “Plaza Mayor” area and eat at one of its restaurants. The best is to ask for the “Menú del día” (Daily menu), where for a small price you will get two courses, dessert and drink! And indeed the area is famous for its “embutidos” (something like sausages), so do not hesitate to order them! After all it was a long walk and you deserve the feast!

So DO NOT GO THERE if you don´t like natural beauty and gastronomic delights!

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