Belgian traditional food.

What is your national dish? I guess you have few in your country, don’t you?

Did you know that in Belgium are… chips? Before coming here I didn’t like them too much, but now I have to say that they are great! So crunchy and so tasty! And what is more, there are so many sauces to try together with your chips! Which one is my recommendation? If you like spicy food try Andalusian one and if you prefer something that will burn less in your mouth, then order Brazilian or Curry sauce.


Apparently the most famous chips in Brussels with 27 sauces to choose!!! Check it out!

What is more, don’t be afraid to take your favorite chips to the bar! There are some special bars, usually close to the place where you can buy chips that have signs which allows you to order your beer and enjoy your chips while being inside! Isn’t it amazing?


“Frites” are more than welcome here.

So, DO NOT GO TO BELGIUM if you don’t want to be addicted to chips! 😀


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