Las Fallas in Valencia.

At the beginning of March, starts some crazy days in Spain (Ok, not only during March) while they celebrate the beginning of the Spring and what is more important, all celebration is held in commemoration of Saint Joseph. It is called Las Fallas and it takes place in Valencia. During one week on almost every single street’s corner you can admire las fallas. They are giant monuments composed of smaller statues that are called ninots.


During all those days at 8:00 am starts La Despertà (“the wake-up call”). It is nothing else like people throwing firecrackers and music bands that begin to march down every street and play lively music.

Since 1st of March, at 2pm, on the main square called Plaza del Ayuntamiento, starts La Mascleta- an explosive barrage of coordinated firecrackers and fireworks displays. In the other neighborhoods, you can find smaller mascletas. To visit theme first can be a great idea, because the main one is really noisy. To describe it best, just imagine being on the war. You can literally feel how your heart jumps while firecrackers explode. The second thing is smoke. You cannot see nothing between it. But it is not important, everything is about noise. More of it, better applause at the end.

During the last day, that is 19th of March, takes place one of the most beautiful moments called “La Crema”. All of the fallas are burnt and made a magnificent spectacle. Traditionally, the falla in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento is burned last. On the other hand it is really sad moment. Just think that all those beautiful monuments that were built during the whole year, and they are gone in about 10 minutes.


Just after the last falla is burnt, constructors, that are responsible for building them, are starting their work over again.

So if you are scared of noise, smoke and fire, DO NOT GO TO VALENCIA during March holidays.


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