We are ALL THE SAME!!!!!

After those two terrible tragedies that happened during last weekend in Santa Barbara (USA) and Brussels (Belgium), I cannot say nothing else like TRAVEL, MEET PEOPLE, BE BETWEEN THEM AND SEE THAT I AM RIGHT!!!

Probably I will never understand why people kill each other, can’t you see that we are one unity? Doesn’t matter if somebody is white, black or purple! Christian, Hindu or Islamic! We are all humans! You can’t  kill people just like that, because their thoughts are different than yours! I am really sorry and sad for what happened, especially knowing personally one of the murdered persons. But one thing I know for sure, after all that had happened I want to meet even more amazing people, just to have more incredibly proves of human kind behavior and to spread more the word that we are ALL THE SAME! AND THAT BEEING HUMAN AT THE END IS A WONDERFUL THING.



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