Something about Turkey…

There are places which you may like more and other less. I think each of us, has been in one of those places. So venues that I like less hmmm I guess will be Frankfurt Main and David in the west of Panama. But about those two later on. Now let’s focus on the good points and locations.

First one will be definitely Turkey!!! Although is a country that I cannot imagine living there for good, but still I love it. I spent there around one year and I felt in love with it. All beautiful cities, villages and lands are really difficult to describe if you weren’t there.

I think my favorite spot in Turkey will be Bozcaada. Amazing island, that you can call simply paradise. Place where time stops, and you are enjoying your simple life. To get there, you will need to take a ferry. You can ask yourself what is so amazing about that island… Views, sunset, beach (unfortunately with cold water), nature, charming village and wine for me that is really more than enough.



My other favourite place will be Cappadocia with all magical rocks and hidden houses and churches. This moonscape landscape was formed thanks to volcanic eruptions. Wind and rain formed lava into fairy chimneys and other incredibly beautiful shapes. It is a place where you can easily lose yourself but to be honest that is all the magic. Visiting more and more caves you will learn how historical it is. If you are interested in more information about it, just visit main touristic page that is





What will be a trip to Turkey without a visit to Istanbul… although it is not my favorite city (chaotic, dirty and touristic) it is still worth to go there. Large numbers of touristic spots, make this city really interesting to visit but just remember to be careful while crossing the street. To imagine how big it is, just think about its population- more than 14 million people. That makes it one of the largest urban agglomerations in Europe. But that unfortunately makes it so chaotic and always crowded. With one bridge that connects European and Asian sides of city you can think about delays and traffic jams every single day. In Istanbul you can see everything. It is a of contrasts. So are you interested in visiting Istanbul or getting more information about it? You definitely should be! Here, on the main city page, you can find some useful knowledge. .


To be honest there are many other great and beautiful places in Turkey. Each part is much different from the other: wild East, sunny South, ancient West, and incredible North. Turkey is just amazing country with extremely hospitable people. You will feel there always welcome and making new friendship shouldn’t take you more than few minutes. Nowadays it is really difficult to meet so honest and unselfish people in any other country. So, I can truly recommend longer visit in Turkey.

To sum up, do not go there if you are afraid of meeting new people or discovering marvelous places.


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