Luxembourg trip (EN)

So as I said, my next trip was Luxembourg. I will call it the greenest country ever!

There is something amazing about that place. Maybe it will be its size, maybe people, amazing people or just all kind of green colors. It is amazing how many shades green has.

Our first stop was obviously Luxembourg City. Unfortunately weather was not good once we arrived. It was cold and raining, so first impression was not the best one. We found our host and decided to walk under the rain. We did not visit anything because of the national holiday (almost everything was closed) but we walk a lot around. Architecture is nice, very nice. Thanks to its location, the city is divided into two parts. It is a good idea to admire it from the top of bridge. The view with all bridges between trees is spectacular .Finding way down can be a little complicated at first but nothing that you cannot do.


I should mention here about the public transport. It works perfectly. Trains and buses are never late and there are so many of them. And the best part is that they are cheap. You can choose between two tickets.

Option a) 2 euros ticket valid for 2 hours trip

Option b) 4 euros day ticket valid for any kind of transport in whole country!

So as you see it is pretty amazing! What is more, buses are modern and most of trains either.

As long as Luxembourg country is so small, we decided to visit as many places as possible. Our first choice was Echternach. It is a small village from where you can start your tracking called Mullerthal trail. All trail has a length of 112km but we choose 6 km route from Echternach to Berdorf. It is difficult to describe that place in few words. You are walking through magical forest and you feel like you are acting in Hobbit movie or any similar one. Path is surrounded by very high rocks. All around you can see all kind of green. Among the path there is a small river that will help you to indicate the way, although it is really well organized. It will be impossible to get lost there.



After 2,5 hours walk we decided to eat our picnic in next village. Finally we change our opinion, because Berdorf was so small that in 5 minutes you saw everything and we didn’t find attractive place to do our picnic. So we moved to other place. As long as our ticket was valid, we could visit many villages. Our final destination was Diekirch. We walked along Sauer river and then ate our picnic. That city is really amazing. Full of donkeys! Doesn’t matter where you will look there will be one monument of donkey. As I found out later on, it is a mascot of Dierkich. There is even a donkey fountain in the center of Diekirch, that you can move as you wish. “As well the yearly cavalcade (carnival procession) is held under the sign of the donkey.”[1]







Good tip is to buy Luxembourg card. It is really cheap (11euros per day) and includes free admission to 69 sites and reductions to 15 places. The best is that it includes as well all kind of transport.

We manage to visit Bock Casamates in Luxembourg City. It is underground fortification situated on different levels. It is a nice place to get lost there but maybe a little creepy.

Next on our map was Vianden castle. Build between 11th and 14th century. It is one of the largest and most beautiful feudal residences of the romanesque and gothic periods in Europe. All information about that place you can find here . There are three ways to arrive to it but personally I think that the nicest one is Vianden chairlift. It is the only chair lift in the Grand Duchy which passes above Our valley up to the summit at 450 m.

If you are not a big fan of high try Benni- The sightseeing train or just simply walk up to the castle. All of those activities are of course included in price of Luxembourg card.





Next and last village that we visited was Grevenmacher. Place at self is not the nicest one, but it offers you many things. One of theme is visit to the Exotic butterfly garden. It is quite small but full of flying all around butterflies and interesting birds and reptiles.

To finish our trip we went to check Bernard Massard cellar. It is the biggest producer of sparkling wine in Luxembourg. We made a guided tour (that unfortunately was in French, but if you have time you can catch English group, we didn’t have time so was French or nothing). After all guided tour you will taste some sparkling wines that indeed are delicious. I would like to add here that all workers in that place were extremely kind with us, and it is a MUST SEE and taste place!


To sum up, Luxembourg is a great idea for a few days. You cannot get bored there. Each kind of tourist will find something interesting there. So the only reason to not go there is hmmm actually difficult to find one… ok expensive food in restaurants 😉


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