(English) Miranda castle- Noisy castle, Château Miranda- Château de Noisy

As title of my blog means do not go there if… I decided to describe places which i saw, where I’ve been but as well places where I would like to go and where I will go.
Currently I live in Belgium, and not long time ago, checking polish newspaper; I discover one place that is not that far away from my one. Castle, that both is scary and amazing called Miranda Castle or The noisy castle in French Château de Noisy. First of all it is not that easy to arrive there. The best what you can do is go by train to Dinant, where you can stay for a night and then walk or hitchhike or just go by car.
That castle is unfortunately closed for visitors, but that makes him even more desirable. To arrive there you will have to a) climb the gate which I do not recommend, because is high and too visible, and b) climb a hill from the main road, that is much better way to get there. Hill is not that high but it is really steep and slippery, so better take some trekking shoes.
Once you are there you will see that all that effort was not for nothing. First view on the castle is breathtaking. Dark and forgotten. Once you will get closer you will realize how destroy it actually is. That is the main reason why it is closed. If you want to visit that marvelous place, you should hurry up, because on December 2013 owners, sign up the contract to destroy that place.
So, if you are not willing to have some adventures and to discover dark and abandoned places, definitely DO NOT GO THERE!
The constructions of the castle started in 1866 for a family named Liedekerke-Beaufort. Edward Milner was an architect which was responsible for it. Unfortunately he died in 1884 and never finished the castle. New French architect- Pelchner decided to make that palace bigger that was supposed to be. Finally in 1907 Mirranda castle was finished. Family Edward Milner loved their new castle, and they were spending there summer brakes. Unfortunately they did not stay there for long. During second war, Nazis took their summer residence. In 1950 the castle was taken over by National Railway Company of Belgium (NMBS) as an orphanage. It remained a facility for the use of children until 1980. In 1990 the owners had an idea to change it into hotel, but potential investors were frightened with high costs of that investments and they never decided to do it. Since 1991 castle is empty and in 1995 some part of the roof burnt. After that owners, decided to take more important things like fireplaces, marbles and wooden floors to their residence in Italy.



2 thoughts on “(English) Miranda castle- Noisy castle, Château Miranda- Château de Noisy

  1. Wow, such an amazing place indeed. its history is interesting as well. what a shame that they are going to demolish it. I think such historical places should be protected by law or something.

    If I had enough money, I would take the risk and repair its damages and open it for public


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